May Mission Moment: You Have to Look Deeper than You May Expect

Posted by on Apr 26, 2017 in Mission Moment, Resources

Project HELP’s Community Counselor recently worked with a family that had many layers of developmental issues. The in-home visits by Project HELP were very important in discovering the needs of the five-year-old child. Upon entering the home, it was apparent that the boy, Josh*, was socially and emotionally deprived and spent his days sitting in a room. Josh did not have an opportunity to use his gross motor skills and appeared to be malnourished. During one of the first...

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Project HELP Mission Moment February 2017

Posted by on Feb 20, 2017 in Mission Moment, Resources

Like a lot of parents today, Sasha* was facing many obstacles including a misbehaved child who would not listen and talked back all while living in transitional housing with an ex-boyfriend. Her son had been diagnosed with multiple behavioral disorders. While Sasha had been and would continue to rely on her ex-boyfriend, she also felt that he was over-powering her decisions as a parent. Unfortunately, she had little to no support from her family. Sasha’s past challenges...

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