About Us

Our Vision

Project HELP will be the foremost resource for developing competent, nurturing parents.

Our Mission

Empowering Parents * Nurturing Families * Strengthening Communities.

As a mission-driven organization, our board of directors and staff are passionate and committed to improving the lives of children and families. We work continuously to identify and incorporate appropriate best practice methods into our program design to make the biggest impact in the community.  Project HELP currently offers two programs, the Parent Mentor Program (our signature program) and the Parent Education Program.

Project HELP accomplishes its mission of empowering parents, nurturing families and strengthening communities by:

  • Providing home-based parent mentoring services
  • Providing parenting education workshops

Our ability to implement programs that improve the lives of children and families is made possible by the continual support and efforts of the Naperville Exchange Club; and donations from individuals, businesses, and service clubs.

HELP us to empower parents, nurture families and strengthen our community! If you have questions please Contact us